After working for several years promoting arts organizations large and small, I decided go back to school to learn how to shoot and edit digital video. I love how video involves so many disciplines—music, sound, words and visuals—it's a never-ending creative challenge to bring so many moving parts together to tell an effective story.

To see my video work, be sure to visit my portfolio here on the site. For more info on my pre-video life, you can check out my resume (pdf).


P.S. Tifton Drive Productions is just a fancy way of saying Beth Hondl, sole proprietor. I am currently a one-woman shop—and equally happy to bring in some extra crew members for more involved shoots or to operate and edit on my own.

The Basics

I shoot with a Canon XH-A1 HD, 3CCD camera and edit in Final Cut Pro.

I've worked with a variety of companies, including:

San Francisco Symphony
Stern Grove
Public Advocates
The Bridge School